Deer Targets

Londyn Durham
13 min readMar 29, 2024

Get ready to experience the thrill of the hunt with our top picks for deer targets in the market. In this article, we’ve rounded up the most popular and high-quality targets designed for precision and accuracy. From easy-to-use beginner options to advanced features for experienced hunters, we’ve got you covered. So, gear up, aim high, and let’s dive into the world of deer targets!

The Top 8 Best Deer Targets

  1. Realistic 3D Bear Archery Target with Ground Stakes — The Shooter 3D Archery Targets — Bear offers a cost-effective solution for realistic archery practice, featuring robust construction, vital area scoring rings, and compatibility with both field points and broadheads.
  2. Realistic 3D Archery Buck Target for Compound Bows and Crossbows — Experience realistic target practice with the Glendel Crossbow 3D Archery Buck Target, featuring a high-quality, long-lasting design and 4-sided, high-density, replaceable vitals insert for enhanced accuracy and durability.
  3. Practical and Durable Steel Deer Target for Shooting Practice — Enhance your shooting skills with the Champion Target Impact Steel Deer Target, featuring a highly durable AR500-comparable steel design, easy setup, and a striking orange powder-coated finish.
  4. Realistic 3D Big Daddy Buck Target — Prepare for any archery challenge with the Big Daddy Buck Target from Delta McKenzie — a lifelike, versatile, and self-healing 3D target designed for both hunters and competitors.
  5. Woodland Big Jim Foam Insert for Deer Targets — This Rinehart Woodland Big Jim Insert, featuring lifelike sculptures, offers a durable replacement core made of signature series foam material, making it perfect for year-round practice with both compound and crossbow use.
  6. Precision Archery Deer Target with Advanced Core Design — Replaceable and versatile 4-sided Pre Rut Buck Target Core with Open Layered Polyfusion Technology by Glendel for reliable shot stopping performance.
  7. Superior Deer Replacement Core Insert for Big Buck 3D Targets — Revive your Big Buck 3D Target with the Shooter 72200 Big Buck Replacement Core Insert, featuring a larger insert, ample shooting space on all sides, and compatibility with both broadhead and field tip arrows.
  8. Four-Color Whitetail Target with Splash Technology — Ezaim Four Color Whitetail Paper Target — Sharpen your shooting skills with life-like deer targets, multiple bullseyes, and easy storage, perfect for all types of firearms.

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Realistic 3D Bear Archery Target with Ground Stakes


I’ve been using the Bear Shooter 3D Archery Target as part of my daily practice routine, and I have to say, this little guy has been quite the character. The first thing I noticed was how realistic the bear looked, making my shots feel even more authentic. I also appreciated the ground stakes that came with it, ensuring that the target would remain in place while I took aim.

One downside, however, was the durability of the target. It was not able to stop arrows as effectively as I had hoped, especially when using a high draw weight bow. I found myself having to replace the target more often than I would have liked. Additionally, the smaller size of the bear might not be ideal for those looking for a larger target to practice on.

Overall, the Bear Shooter 3D Archery Target is a decent choice for those looking for a realistic-looking target at an affordable price. However, it may not hold up as well as some might expect, especially when it comes to stopping heavy arrows. Just remember to shoot small, miss small!

Realistic 3D Archery Buck Target for Compound Bows and Crossbows


Ready to level up your arrows at your next hunting venture? The GlenDel Crossbow 3D Archery Buck Target is a game-changer for you. Picture this: you’re on that real-world hunt, but instead of just hoping for the best, you’ve been training with a 3D buck that looks so real, it’s like you’re really there with the animals in the wild. The design is meticulously created, making sure it looks just like the buck you’ll encounter out there.

The realism isn’t just about the visuals, it extends to the durability as well. As you pull your bow back and let those arrows fly, the target remains intact, even with its lightweight build. It’s designed to last, and no matter how many arrows or bolts you send its way, it stays strong, ready for more.

Now, let’s talk about those vital spots. The GlenDel Crossbow 3D Archery Buck Target has them marked out for you. That means you can aim for those high-value areas, knowing you’re hitting the mark almost every time, leading to more successful hunts.

But no target is perfect. There were comments about the target arriving damaged or even being difficult to remove the arrows. However, the majority of glowing reviews suggest that this 3D archery buck target is a serious step up for your hunting game. It’s a worthwhile investment that adds a realistic edge to your training, ensuring that when you step into the wild, you’re fully prepared for the buck of your life.

Practical and Durable Steel Deer Target for Shooting Practice


Practicing your shooting skills can be a bit more thrilling with the Champion Target Impact Steel Deer Target. It’s made of durable AR500-comparable steel, ensuring it can handle a good deal of practice without breaking down. Plus, its orange powder-coated finish makes it highly visible from afar, helping you aim more accurately — a feature that truly comes in handy.

Yet, things aren’t all smooth sailing. Despite being easy to set up and maintain, it’s not without its drawbacks. One downside is the shape — a deer. While this might inspire a sense of realism, it can also act as a slight distraction from the main task at hand.

Overall, the Champion Target Impact Steel Deer Target is a good choice if you’re looking for an interactive and durable target to hone your marksmanship. However, the specific shape of the target might be a love-hate relationship for some, as it could either be a motivating factor or a slight distraction.

Realistic 3D Big Daddy Buck Target


I recently had the chance to try out the Big Daddy Buck Archery Target from Delta McKenzie, and I must say, this product truly brings the essence of a realistic hunt to your backyard. With the dimensions of 39.00" x 29.50" x 15.00" and the color of brown, this target is not only visually appealing but also sturdy enough to withstand multiple arrow impacts.

One of the most impressive features of this target is its self-healing foam that makes it easy to remove arrows without causing any damage. The realistic vital rings on its surface help you simulate the experience of hunting in the wild, while the universal scoring on the other side allows you to practice your accuracy and improve your score in competitions.

I also appreciate the variety of the Big Daddy Buck line, which offers different sizes and challenges to cater to various skill levels. However, my experience with the target was marred by an initial defect that caused it to be unstable. Fortunately, Delta McKenzie’s customer service was excellent, and they quickly sent a replacement with no additional cost.

Overall, while the Big Daddy Buck Archery Target may have some flaws, its innovative features and the quality of customer service provided by Delta McKenzie make it a valuable asset for archery enthusiasts and competitive shooters alike.

Woodland Big Jim Foam Insert for Deer Targets


As someone who enjoys archery in my free time, I recently gave the Rinehart Woodland Big Jim Insert a try. This insert is a perfect replacement core for the Woodland series Jimmy Big Tine target, which is made of signature foam material. It’s designed to provide a realistic hunting experience, with intricate airbrush detailing that makes it look incredibly lifelike. The target itself stands at a substantial 48 inches tall and 40 inches long, making it quite the sight when you’re aiming for your shot.

One of the key features that stood out to me was the locking antler system, which allows you to use your own set of antlers for added personalization. The core of the target is made from a sturdy and weather-resistant FX Woodland foam material, ensuring it can withstand harsh weather and UV rays. The Signature Series foam core is replaceable, offering a cost-effective solution for whenever you need to repair or replace it.

Overall, my experience using the Rinehart Woodland Big Jim Insert was enjoyable and satisfactory. Its replaceable core and locking antler system make it a versatile and long-lasting choice for hunters and archery enthusiasts alike. However, be prepared to break the bank if you want to get your hands on one, as it comes at a relatively high cost. But once you start using it, the immersive experience it provides makes it all worth it.

Precision Archery Deer Target with Advanced Core Design


In my recent adventure hunting for the perfect deer target, I stumbled upon the Glendel Pre Rut Buck Target Replacement Core. I was intrigued by its open layered polyfusion technology and the promise of a longer target life with its replaceable insert.

Upon receiving the product, I noticed its sleek round design and the GlenDel Pre-Rut insert core. The sturdy legs provided a stable platform for my target practice. The four-sided core, with different vital positions, prepared me well for various shooting scenarios, including a deer broadside, quartering away, and from a 20-foot tree stand at 20 yards.

One of the most impressive features of the Glendel Target was its ability to stop all broadheads & field tips. The arrows, both compound and crossbow, made their way through the vital insert with ease. However, I did have to put in a bit of effort to remove them. After some practice, I managed to loosen them up, and the target kept on performing without any damage.

The target took a bit of a beating from my practice sessions, but it held up fairly well, considering how frequently I used it. While it was not perfect, the Glendel Target met my needs and expectations. Its slight imperfections did not outweigh the benefits of having a high-quality target for my archery practice.

In conclusion, the Glendel Pre Rut Buck Target Replacement Core proved to be a worthwhile investment for my target archery hobby. Though it may not be a showpiece and comes with a few minor issues, it has served its purpose well and has earned a place in my archery equipment collection. I would recommend it to others seeking a reliable and sturdy target for their archery practice.

Superior Deer Replacement Core Insert for Big Buck 3D Targets


I recently tried out the Shooter 72200 Big Buck Replacement Core Insert for my archery practice. At first, the larger insert compared to other 3D targets seemed like a great feature. It stopped all of my arrows and provided ample shooting space on four sides.

However, the plastic legs were somewhat flimsy and started to lean after a while. The connecting piece also ripped quite easily. Despite these minor issues, I made it work by stacking two bales of straw behind the target.

Overall, it’s a decent target, but I would recommend investing in a more durable option for better long-term performance.

Four-Color Whitetail Target with Splash Technology


As a target enthusiast, I recently tried out the Ezaim Four Color Whitetail Paper Target for my handgun practice sessions. The product description touts the “life-like image” that makes it look like a real deer, and I have to say, it absolutely does! The multiple bullseyes on the white target make it a fun and practical tool for practicing my accuracy. Additionally, the product comes neatly folded for easy storage, which is a thoughtful feature.

Using the target, I noticed the splash technology works well, allowing the paper to flake and crumble upon impact. This creates the realistic effect of a deer’s movements when struck, making it more engaging to use during my practice sessions. As for the cons, I would like a larger variety of targets made for different animals to choose from, and perhaps some adjustable options depending on the shooting range setup.

Overall, I am satisfied with the product and its features, and I recommend it for anyone looking to enhance their target shooting experience with handguns.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right deer target is an essential aspect of being a successful hunter. Selecting the right target can significantly impact your accuracy and improve your overall hunting experience. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss essential features to consider when selecting deer targets and provide valuable advice to ensure you make the right purchase.

Material and Durability


Deer targets should ideally be constructed from high-quality materials that ensure durability. Typically, deer targets are made from lightweight, strong materials such as polypropylene, which can withstand repeated impacts without breaking. Additionally, weather-resistant materials will help ensure the target doesn’t deteriorate due to rain, snow, or other environmental factors.

Size and Profile

Selecting deer targets based on size and profile is crucial for efficiency in target practice. Larger targets allow for a broader target area and may require less precision in aiming, whereas smaller targets improve accuracy and require a more focused approach. Consider your needs and skill level before deciding on a size that best suits your shooting requirements.

Portability and Transport

Targets that are easy to transport and set up are ideal for hunters who may move frequently between shooting locations. Lightweight materials and easy assembly should be a priority when selecting a deer target. Some models also come equipped with a carrying case or straps, providing added convenience for on-the-go hunters.


Visibility and Contrast

Deer targets with high visibility and contrast make it easier to accurately aim and focus on the target. Consider targets that come with neon or bright colors, which are more distinguishable in various lighting conditions. Additionally, targets that have a visible pattern may help improve concentration during target practice.

Safety and Quality Control

Safety should be a primary consideration when purchasing deer targets. Always verify that the manufacturer adheres to safety standards and ensures that the model is well-crafted. High-quality design and production processes help prevent accidents that may occur due to faulty or poorly constructed targets.

Maintenance and Replacement


Regardless of the material used, your target will eventually show signs of wear and tear. Choosing a model that is easily replaceable or repairable is beneficial for longevity. Consider the availability of replacement parts or the cost of a new target when factoring maintenance into your budget.

Price and Budget

Keep your budget in mind when selecting deer targets. While it’s possible to find a high-quality, durable target within your price range, it’s essential to do your research and compare features and benefits. Always factor in long-term savings and the potential need for replacement parts or an entirely new target.

By taking these factors into consideration, you’ll be well-equipped to find the perfect deer target that aligns with your hunting goals and lifestyle. Remember, the right target will be integral to improving your accuracy and overall hunting experience.



What is a deer target?

A deer target is a specific type of shooting target specifically designed for hunting deer or similar-sized animals. They vary in size, shape, and color but typically have a large, visible area for aiming and a smaller, bullseye-like area for the hunter to aim at.

Why should I use a deer target?

Using a deer target can help hunters improve their accuracy and consistency when shooting at deer, ultimately increasing their chances of success. Additionally, they ensure a more humane and ethical hunt by minimizing the risk of hitting non-target areas such as vital organs or bones.

What are some popular types of deer targets?


Popular types of deer targets include: * 3D deer targets

  • Metal deer targets
  • Foam deer targets
  • Paintball deer targets

What is a 3D deer target?

3D deer targets are designed to resemble deer in their natural positions and movements, providing a more realistic and challenging shooting experience for hunters. They are typically made of foam or other lightweight materials and come in various sizes and angles to account for different shooting distances and positions.

How do I choose the right deer target for my needs?

When choosing a deer target, consider the following factors: 1. Your hunting experience and skill level

  1. The distance and angle of the shooting position
  2. The target’s durability and realism
  3. Your budget

Where can I purchase deer targets?

Deer targets are available at various retailers, both online and in-store, specializing in hunting or outdoor sports equipment. Popular retailers include Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and REI. Additionally, you can find a wide selection of deer targets on websites like Amazon, eBay, or specialized hunting websites.