Oster Blender Replacement Parts

Londyn Durham
10 min readMar 29, 2024

Looking to extend the life of your trusty Oster blender? This roundup article is just what you need. We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide to finding and replacing parts for your Oster blender, ensuring you can keep blending up a storm in your kitchen for years to come. So, whether you’re dealing with a cracked jar or a faulty blade, let’s dive in and get your blender back to its best!

The Top 7 Best Oster Blender Replacement Parts

  1. Replacement Lid and Center Cap for Oster Clover Leaf Shaped Blender Jars — The Univen Blender Lid and Center Filler Cap perfectly fits Clover Leaf Shaped Oster Blender Jars for seamless blending operation.
  2. Pampum Oster Blender Coupling Stud Slinger Pin Kit (2 Pack) — High-quality, food-grade stainless steel Oster Blender Replacement Parts (2-pack) for effortless blending in 84 Oster models with easy installation, no tools needed.
  3. Brentwood Oster Blender Replacement Parts — Discover the Brentwood P-ost103 Blender Parts Kit for Oster Blenders, offering replacement parts, compatibility with most Oster blenders, and premium food-grade stainless steel blades for blending, crushing, and pureeing.
  4. 6 Piece Complete Glass Jar Replacement Kit for Oster Blenders 4899–6 Piece Oster Blender Glass Jar Replacement Kit, 4.9/5 rating, EASY TO CLEAN, SUPERIOR QUALITY AND DURABILITY, 1.25 LITER CAPACITY, PERFECT FIT for Oster Blenders — ideal for blending your favorite recipes and serving the whole family.
  5. Hicello Square Drive Pin for Oster Blenders — High-quality food-grade metal pin for Oster and Osterizer blenders, extending their lifespan and enhancing performance.
  6. Oster Blender Replacement Blade, Jar Bottom & Seal Gasket, 6-Point Fusion Blade — Durable and reliable Oster blender replacement parts, including a six-point blade, blender jar base, and rubber seal gasket, ensuring seamless blending performance for your Oster countertop blenders.
  7. Premium Oster Blender Lid and Center Fill Cap — Upgrade your Oster blender experience with the secure and robust Univen Lid and Center Fill cap, perfectly engineered to fit all Oster and Osterizer jars with a 4"x 4" inside diameter opening.

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Replacement Lid and Center Cap for Oster Clover Leaf Shaped Blender Jars


I recently purchased the Univen Blender Jar Lid and Center Filler Cap, designed to fit my Clover Leaf Shaped Oster Blender Jars. As an avid smoothie maker, I was thrilled to find a replacement part that not only fits perfectly but also enhances my blending experience. The lid securely locks in place, ensuring there’s no spillage while blending, and it fits seamlessly onto the blender’s base, making blending a breeze.

The center cap is equally as impressive, as it fits perfectly into the lid and reduces the noise level when blending. However, one downside is that it occasionally detaches from the jar during blending.

Overall, the Univen Blender Jar Lid and Center Filler Cap have been a game-changer in my kitchen, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their Oster Blender experience.

Pampum Oster Blender Coupling Stud Slinger Pin Kit (2 Pack)


Let me share my personal experience using the “Pampum Coupling Stud Slinger Pin Kit” for my Oster Blender. I had been struggling with a broken part, and I was thrilled to find this kit as a replacement. The installation was a breeze, and I didn’t need any special tools.

The quality was top-notch, as it was made of food-grade stainless steel. What’s more, I received a 2-set kit, which was a nice surprise. However, there was one downside — the price was a bit steep.

Overall though, I’ve had a positive experience with this product and it has breathed new life into my Oster Blender.

Brentwood Oster Blender Replacement Parts


I’ve been using the Brentwood Blender Parts Kit for my Oster Blender, and it’s been a real lifesaver. The blades are made of food-grade stainless steel, making them sturdy enough to blend, crush, and puree just about anything. The rubber gasket and base cap are incredibly durable, ensuring that my blender stays securely in place during those intense smoothie-making sessions.

The only downside I’ve noticed is that the blades can be a bit noisy, but honestly, that’s a small price to pay for the convenience of having my old blender back up and running. Overall, I’d highly recommend the Brentwood Blender Parts Kit for Oster Blenders to anyone looking to replace their worn-out parts.

6 Piece Complete Glass Jar Replacement Kit for Oster Blenders 4899


I recently stumbled upon this 6 Piece Complete Glass Jar Replacement Kit for my Oster Blender 4899, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer in my kitchen! The first highlight for me is its EFFICIENT AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN. It’s not just about blending your favorite recipes with ease, but also about having a product that is easy to clean. I’ve found that its superior quality and durability translates into being able to clean this blender by hand or even pop it into the dishwasher — a total time-saver!

Another standout feature for me has to be the 1.25 LITER (5.5 CUP) CAPACITY. This allows me to blend enough servings for the whole family, which is perfect when I’m making smoothies for everyone in the morning. And of course, the PERFECT FIT ensures that it works flawlessly with my Oster Blender. The best part? No need to worry about replacing this blender any time soon, as it’s built to last.

However, I did notice a few cons. While the sturdiness and craftsmanship of this glass jar replacement kit are commendable, there have been instances where the fit can be slightly loose compared to the original blender. Additionally, although it claims to be easy to clean, some users may find it slightly time-consuming.

But overall, I’d say that this 6 Piece Complete Glass Jar Replacement Kit for Oster Blenders 4899 is a solid investment. The glass material provides a more durable solution than plastic, it blends smoothly and efficiently, and the ease of cleaning it contributes to its overall appeal. So if you’re in the market for a blender replacement that meets your blending needs while being a visual treat in your kitchen, this could be the perfect match for you.

Hicello Square Drive Pin for Oster Blenders


I must say, the Hicello Blenders Drive Pin Stud Replacement Part has been a real game-changer for my Oster blender. As a busy individual who loves making smoothies and other blended concoctions, I was disheartened when my blender started to show signs of wear. The Hicello replacement part came to the rescue, providing a premium quality, after-market option that fits seamlessly with my Oster blender.

The food-grade material not only looks great but also gives me peace of mind knowing that it’s safe for my culinary creations. I appreciate the attention to detail, particularly the 3cm x 1cm x 1cm size that leaves no room for guesswork during installation.

However, the notice about it being an after-market part, rather than an Oster branded product, was somewhat disappointing. While I understand that it’s a third-party part, the lack of Oster branding made me initially question its quality.

Overall, the Hicello Blenders Drive Pin Stud Replacement Part has revived my Oster blender and restored my confidence in its performance. If you’re on the hunt for a reliable and affordable solution to extend the life of your Oster blender, this could be the perfect option for you.

In short, the Hicello Blenders Drive Pin Stud Replacement Part has been a life-saver for my Oster blender, bringing back its original performance and adding years to its life. The food-grade material and well-defined size make it a breeze to install and use, while the competitive price makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious users. However, its lack of Oster branding may be a concern for some.

Oster Blender Replacement Blade, Jar Bottom & Seal Gasket, 6-Point Fusion Blade


I was initially skeptical about ordering these replacement parts for my trusty Osterizer blender, but boy am I glad I did! . The six-point blade truly took my morning smoothies to a whole new level.

I also appreciate how seamlessly it fits all Oster countertop models, except the In2itive Series. The package includes not just the blade, but also a blender jar base and even a rubber seal gasket for added life.

Made of sturdy steel and rubber, I know I’ll be blending stress-free for a long time. They’ve definitely got my kitchen routine sorted out.

Premium Oster Blender Lid and Center Fill Cap


As a passionate blender enthusiast, I recently purchased the Univen Square Blender Jar Lid and Center Fill Cap for my Oster blender. As soon as I received the package, I was instantly drawn to the high-quality construction and the secure fit on my Oster blender jar. I’ve been using this product daily, and it’s truly elevated my blending experience.

The Univen lid has worked wonders in preventing any unwanted spills and messes during my blending adventures. The center fill cap is an absolute game-changer, as it allows me to add ingredients while blending without any hassle, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience. It’s definitely a must-have accessory for my Oster blender, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

I’ve been using this lid with various recipes, from smoothies to soups, and it has performed exceptionally well in each case. It’s evident that Univen has crafted this product with durability in mind, and it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing reliable, high-quality blender accessories. I can confidently say that investing in this Univen Square Blender Jar Lid and Center Fill Cap has undoubtedly upgraded my blending arsenal.

However, there’s one minor issue I’ve encountered with this product. The lid, being made of hard plastic, lacks a bit of flexibility compared to the original Oster gasket. It can be a bit challenging to get a tight seal initially, but with a little patience and perseverance, this issue resolved itself over time.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the Univen Square Blender Jar Lid and Center Fill Cap for anyone seeking a reliable and durable replacement for their Oster blender lid. The features and performance of this product have not disappointed, and I’m confident it will continue to serve me well in the long run.

Buyer’s Guide





How can I identify the right replacement part for my Oster blender?

Before ordering any replacement parts, ensure you have the model number for your specific Oster blender. This is usually found on the product label or the bottom of the blender base. Once you have the model number, you can search for compatible replacement parts online or contact Oster’s customer support for guidance.

What is the process of changing blender blades on an Oster blender?


To replace blender blades on an Oster blender, first unplug the appliance for safety reasons. Turn the blender base upside down and remove the blade assembly by unscrewing it. Then, simply align the new blades with the threads and screw them tightly back into the blender base. Ensure the blades are securely fastened before using the blender again.

How do I replace the Oster blender jar?

To replace the Oster blender jar, first remove any existing contents or attachments like blades. Next, gently pull the jar away from the blender base until you hear a click indicating that the jar has detached. After that, align the new jar with the blender base and apply gentle pressure while slowly turning it clockwise. Once you hear the jar click into place, your new jar is successfully installed.


Can I wash the Oster blender blades in the dishwasher?

While some Oster blender models have dishwasher-safe blades, others do not. Check your user manual to determine if your specific blender’s blades are dishwasher-safe. If they are not, wash them by hand with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and dry them before reattaching them to the blender base.

What should I do if I notice leaking from my Oster blender?


If your Oster blender is leaking, first inspect the jar, blades, and gasket for damage or wear. If any part seems damaged, replace it immediately. Additionally, make sure all components are correctly assembled and tightened to the proper specifications. If the issue persists, contact Oster’s customer support for further assistance.

How can I maximize the lifespan of my Oster blender replacement parts?

  • Regularly inspect all parts for signs of wear or damage.
  • Clean and dry all parts thoroughly after each use.
  • Store blender components in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use and maintenance of your Oster blender.